Diagnostic Ultrasound can be widely used on Obstetrics & Gynecology, Orthopedics and Cardiology…etc. In modern medicine, they also have been generated uncountable benefits to human health with their high-resolution images of patients' internal body.

With the ultrasound which outputted by probes, it will penetrate patients' body and generate different rate echo from different tissue and organs. After receiving echo by probes, signal will be transmitted to PC and be processed, so that physicians can get images of patients' internal body structure such as muscles, joints, tendons...etc.

Monitor must have high resolution and contrast following the standard of medical grade design for Diagnostic Ultrasound.

Customized PC
Customized PC provide high computing and efficiency engine for Ultrasound application. Housing can be customized according to complete system with the best EMI/ESD design. Strong technical support provide the fastest response and service when issue happen.

Highly integrated and compatible COM express module, easy to upgrade with longevity support, customized BIOS/ API/ EC are available.

Beside applications above, MEDWEL also provide you more service in Diagnostic Ultrasound.