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Quality Control

As an integral part of the overall quality system, Portwell emphasizes quality during the entire manufacturing process, from the acquisition of material to the delivery of finished goods.

In practice, documents are attached with materials from the Receiving department to IQC inspection or to IQC return if rejected. The internal audit checklist ensures that requirements are met for each process. In addition, Portwell periodically maintains and calibrates equipment. Per the standard process, if any equipment is found out of specification, the last three lots of products will be re-tested using confirmed calibrated equipment. Most importantly for quality control, all procedures include a checklist for inspection within incoming, in-process, and final out-going QC to ensure that correct documents and revisions are in place before assembly. MES software is used to ensure that each assembly station and process step is completed before moving to next step.

Quality Assurance
Flow Chart
  • Supplier Management
  • Raw Material Inspection
  • Component Quality
  • Sampling Inspection
  • Operation Parameter
  • Final Assembly
    Product Inspection