A Glance at MiTwell

As an "Advanced Solution Provider", MiTwell is focusing on the designs, R&D, manufacture and integration services of Industrial PC and especially dedicated to the vertical markets of Military/ Defense, Heavy Industry Automation and Telematics/ Transportation. For the applications of these vertical markets, (such as radar systems, HMI in Oil and Gas industry, Vehicle PC, and so on), we design the high- quality system solutions with wide temperature support, high reliability, and compliance with different certifications. Aside from the VM solutions, MiTwell is also having the modules with compact form factors, Qseven and SMARC. Combined with Portwell's module product lines, we are supplying our customers a full range of module solutions depending on different requirements.

After merging Waris Technologies, Inc. in 2016, we are now also offering memory/ storage products and provide manufacture and system integration services. With this advantage, we are able to help our clients with cost and risk reduction in project development, provide our clients more flexible and customized services and also, bring the convenience of one- stop shopping.

In 2015, MiTwell got certified by ISO 9001. All the processes of MiTwell meet the needs of customers while fulfilling statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product or program and gives our clients quality assurance.

MiTwell has been studying and keeping growing in the industry sectors of Military/ Defense, Heavy Industry Automation and Telematics/ Transportation. In the meantime, we have been cultivating talents in these fields and show our spirit of "Carefulness, Actuality and Fulfillment". We are convinced that MiTwell is able to provide our customers the most reliable and satisfying products and services.

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