The global electricity consumption increased

With the economic development of all countries in the world, the global electricity consumption is on an upward trend. In the peak period, the electricity consumption often overload. Especially for the developing countries, the demand for electricity is increasing day by day. Therefore, the efficiency of transmission lines is even more important. However, when the current amount of the transmission line is increased, the line may be sagged due to the high current carrying capacity. If it touched trees or other obstacles will cause a short circuit or even a more serious grounding accident, the power grids will be affected. Also, as the current flow increases, the transmission loss increases. A large number of line losses reduce the efficiency of the transmission line operation and cause unnecessary waste for the gradually scarce generation sources.

Our solution -
Transmission line monitoring device

Gridwell use the transmission line monitoring device to monitor the transmission line information immediate, which can effectively solve the transmission line sag and line loss problems. This device can immediately detect the conductor temperature, current and other information, so many of the data can be analyzed and reduce current before the irreversible transmission line sag. We can also calculate the optimal power transmission, which will reduce the line loss so as to enhance the transmission efficiency.